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taking a little shelter before heading to the great outdoors.




Carriage that weight.


Thanks to C. A. T. official RFB correspondent.




So it looks like there’s some space in Vivid this year. Well, it’s so spread out that ┬ánobody would know any better.

So the RFB will be heading down to the Piers at the Rocks, either 2/3 or 4/5 this Friday the 27th of May. Screening should start about 6:30. There’s a facebook event page HERE

More than likely you’ll get bored but there’s plenty more to look at down there.

See you there, or not.

Redfern Fringe Biennale in Redfern

Sort of.

I took my protesters to a real protest

Let them stay.

For fucks sake.

On the move


RFB is on the move. Our protesting friends will be making appearances around this fair city.

Keep an eye out as it’s been noticed they don’t seem to hang around for long.